BFA Graphic Design Group

Non-Degree Exhibition

Group Statement

Let us break apart the ethos of graphic design: its legibility and immediate audience capture. What is its threshold? What is its fine line? We question its utility: what will it become? Will it be useless? Seven design pieces bring upon this inquiry through different implementations and methods.

Rip Kal

Death, 2018.

Video projection.

18 ft. x 14 ft.

Death tackles an esoteric take on the vanitas through projected moments on body parts of the sculptural bust; it visualizes moments after the death of a loved one, and the pain that comes in waves after.

Face is of denial.

Neck is of anger.

Ear is of depression.

Torso is of acceptance.

Hand is of desire.

Audio credit  Marielle Jorgensen

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© 2018 Rip Kal

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