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Immploy was a concept created in two days for the Adobe Creative Jam Competition between CSU Long Beach, Cal State Los Angeles, and Cal Poly Pomona. We were given 2 hours to conceptualize and create a prototype in groups of five to six people, our group LB10 placed third overall. 

Main Idea

The main idea behind the app ‘Immploy

is to create a better future for all immigrants by assisting them in finding a job. 

UI Strategy

The layout and design is clean and easy to understand. The color pattern is blue and red, a reflection of the United States Flag’s colors, and the gradient creates a sense of unity between the two separate groups. 

The logo is based off of a hand gesturing the number one – it pertains to the individual rights and talents each person brings and contributes to the country. 

Main Features

The main features of the User Experience in the app is creating an universal resume that acts as a user profile, a language conversion for user profiles and career postings so that both employers and prospective employees can better understand what they are viewing, simple one button job applications, and an interactive calendar so that users can easily plan and schedule important meetings or interviews.


Simple navigation creating an universal resume


Simple one button

job application


Interactive calendar

for interviews

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